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Education and Industry sectors for which we have developed content

Some of the courses we have developed so far

==== Automotive Skill Development Courses : ====
Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Electrician
Casting Technician
Customer Relation Executive
Lathe Operator
Loading Unloading Executive
Machining Technician
Maintenance Technician
Sales Consultant
Showroom Hostess
Taxi Driver
Welding Technician

==== Electronics Skill Development Courses : ====
TV Repair Technician
Mobile Repair Technician

==== Telecom Skill Development Courses : ====
Customer Care Executive
Distributor Sales Representative
Field Sales Executive
Telecom Tower Technician

==== IT-ITes Skill Development Courses : ====
Collection Executive
CRM Domestic Voice
CRM Domestic Non-Voice
Domestic Biometric Operator
Domestic Data Entry Operator
Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant

==== Capital Goods Skill Development Courses : ====

==== Construction Skill Development Courses : ====
Assistant Electrician (Construction)
Backhoe Loader
Forklift Operator
Pick n Carry Crane Operator

==== Handicrafts Skill Development Courses : ====
Bamboo Mat Weaver
Bamboo Basket Maker
Cutting Operator (Woodware)
Engraving Artisan
Hammering Artisan
Stamping Artisan
Handloom Weaver
Handrolled Agarbatti Maker
Crochet Lace Maker
Fashion Jewellery Maker
Agarbatti Stick Maker
Bamboo Artwork Maker
Soft Toy Maker
Bamboo Utility Handicraft Assembler
Casting Operator (Metal)
Papier Mache
Crochet Lace Tailor

==== Sports Skill Development Courses : ====
Fitness Trainer
Sports Coach

==== Mining Skill Development Courses : ====
Jack Hammer Operator
Technical Helper (Mechanical)